• The 2022 Economic Outlook for Manufacturing

    The new year begins with a growing economy and strong demand for manufactured goods, tempered by major challenges including shortages of workers and materials, the fastest inflation in 31 years, and ongoing effects of Covid-19. Helping us evaluate... more

  • Industry Challenges for Women's PPE

    Laura Biggerstaff from Iron Elk LLC discusses the challenges and opportunities in the safety apparel market, specifically focusing on the lack of safety apparel for women. Ways in which companies can begin integrating these products in their... more

  • Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Al-Zn Alloys

    Hot Tearing Susceptibility (HTS) of aluminum alloys was investigated using a constrained rod hot tearing test apparatus. The test apparatus and procedure were validated using Al-Cu alloy. Subsequently, the test was used to characterize new... more

  • Metalmorphasis: Change and Transition

    Some changes are the result of biology and the passage of time, within the natural cycle or order of things. Others are self-generated, under our own control and resulting from willful efforts, or dependent upon encounters with significant... more

  • Trade Update – Latest on Buy American & The Biden Administration Trade Agenda

    Please join us for a webinar presented by Adam Gordon and Matthew Renkey of The Bristol Group, a boutique Washington, DC law firm specializing in complex international trade cases challenging unfairly traded imports. The change in Administrations at... more

  • OSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard & the Impact on US Metalcasting Industry

    OSHA just published on Nov. 5, 2021 a new Emergency Temporary Standard requiring employers, including metalcasters and their suppliers, with 100 or more employees to ensure all employees are either vaccinated or taking weekly COVID-19 tests. What... more

  • Reshoring Metalcasting: How to Compete More Effectively vs. Imports

    Do you and your customers compare domestic and offshore casting quotes correctly? Interpreting the data correctly can mean the difference between losing work to an overseas competitor. In this webinar, Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring... more

  • Update on Respirable Silica - What you Should be Doing Now?

    Join us for an update on OSHA's new, fast-approaching crystalline silica standard. Hosted by industry expert Tom Slavin, you'll go through the steps to better prepare you and your business for meeting this new, burdensome rule.

  • Get Ready for OSHA's Electronic Recordkeeping Rule

    You might have recorded your OSHA injury and illness data the same way for years, but now that's changing. As of Dec. 1, 2017, many companies will be required to submit their 300A form to OSHA electronically. Brad Hammock, attorney and occupational... more

  • Practical Steps to Maximizing Refractory Performance

    The refractory used in the melting furnace is an important part of the foundry process and can greatly affect furnace performance, energy costs and profitability. New technologies have made great advancements in refractory effectiveness, and... more