• Reshoring Metalcasting: How to Compete More Effectively vs. Imports

    Do you and your customers compare domestic and offshore casting quotes correctly? Interpreting the data correctly can mean the difference between losing work to an overseas competitor. In this webinar, Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring... more

  • Update on Respirable Silica?What you Should be Doing Now?

    Join us for an update on OSHA's new, fast-approaching crystalline silica standard. Hosted by industry expert Tom Slavin, you'll go through the steps to better prepare you and your business for meeting this new, burdensome rule.

  • Get Ready for OSHA's Electronic Recordkeeping Rule

    You might have recorded your OSHA injury and illness data the same way for years, but now that's changing. As of Dec. 1, 2017, many companies will be required to submit their 300A form to OSHA electronically. Brad Hammock, attorney and occupational... more

  • Practical Steps to Maximizing Refractory Performance

    The refractory used in the melting furnace is an important part of the foundry process and can greatly affect furnace performance, energy costs and profitability. New technologies have made great advancements in refractory effectiveness, and... more

  • Case Studies in Additive Manufacturing for Metalcasting

    Did you know some foundries have applied additive manufacturing to their existing processes? Find out how foundries are able to do this with an AFS member-only Webinar. Dave Rittmeyer, Hoosier Pattern Inc., and Brandon Lamoncha, Humtown Products,... more

  • A New Look at Mn-S Balancing in Gray Cast Iron

    Did you know the sulfur content in cast gray irons can be as high as 0.16%? When manganese is not balanced with sulfur, this high concentration can produce hot-tears and embrittlement in your iron castings. Rick Gundlach of Element Materials... more

  • Casting Uncommon Aluminum Alloys

    Have you faced challenges casting uncommon aluminum alloys? Casting defects caused by difficult alloys can affect your bottom line. Dave Weiss of Eck Industries will explore difficult aluminum alloys and techniques you can use to improve the quality... more

  • Exploit the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) for Increased Productivity & Lower Costs

    Did you know that using new Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technologies can give you productivity and efficiency benefits? New smart sensors combined with world-wide connectivity analyze your metalcasting operations and immediately alert you... more

  • Predictive Analytics in Metal Casting Industry - A Case Study

    How can your business benefit from using predictive analytics? By identifying meaningful patterns in data, metalcasters are using predictive analytics to create an advantage over the competition. Jerry Thiel and Sairam Ravi will explore the four... more

  • Silica Substitutes - Will They Work for Your Foundry?

    Are you interested in transitioning to non-silica media for the new silica standard, but not sure if it will work for your business? Hear who is already using these products, the pros and cons of non-silica media, and a panel to field questions.