• The Supply Chain is Not Going to Get Better: What Metalcasters Need to Know

    The meeting topic, presented by attorney Dennis Unkovic (Meyer, Unkovic & Scott), is “The Supply Chain is Not Going to Get Better: What Metalcasters Need to Know.” And yes, reshoring is critically important in this dangerous environment. We... more

  • Property & Casualty Insurance Insights

    Metalcasters already know that foundry property and casualty insurance is becoming harder to secure. What percentage rate increase should you budget for? How early should you start the renewal process? What are the current trends about carriers and... more

  • Disposable, Wireless Sensors for 3D Sand Printing

    Research on the curing time of printed molds, including the aging, requires more exploration. This study describes the experiments of 3D printed specimens in which embedded environmental sensors were fully encapsulated into sand blocks during an... more

  • Spotlight On Metalcasting

    When people think of jobs in metal casting, they might think of pouring metal, but there is much more to it than that. The industry has career paths in everything from engineering to sales to business management and offers well-paying jobs for... more

  • Top 5 OSHA Enforcement Issues Your Foundry Needs to Be Aware of

    OSHA has been staffing up and ramping up inspections and enforcement generally, and especially enforcement of: NEP on Heat Illness & Update on Draft Rule Injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting requirements OSHA's Per-Instance... more

  • Policy Issues Affecting Metalcasters - July 13th

    Join AFS Washington-based policy advocates Jeff Hannapel and Stephanie Salmon for a timely update on the key EPA, OSHA, tax, trade, Buy America, infrastructure and workforce issues. These issues have millions of dollars of implications for... more

  • How to Maximize AFS Corporate Membership Benefits

    Join Ben Yates, AFS VP of Marketing and Business Development, for a review of the advantages built into the AFS Corporate Membership and learn how to leverage it to your advantage across your entire organization.  Ben will review how Corporate... more

  • Foundry Emissions Benchmarking Database

    There is limited information available to the public on emissions from iron and steel foundries.  Join Craig Schmeisser as he shows us the results from his recently completed AFS Research Project and demonstrates how to navigate through the... more

  • Effect of Boron in Cast Iron

    Boron has been shown to cause issues in the cast iron foundries by causing a decrease in the strength of pearlitic gray and ductile iron castings. Because of the increase in the use of boron-added steel scrap from automotive steel and a lack of... more

  • Effectively Sourcing Foundry Partners on AFS Supplier Marketplace

    Learn how to make sourcing decisions easier and more efficiently with the AFS Supplier Marketplace, an interactive directory of foundry supplier partners. This webinar will review the features of this online resource that allows foundry... more