• Cast-In Inserts in Aluminum Compound Castings

    Cast-in aluminum matrix composite inserts in aluminum castings appear to be a promising avenue for increasing the performance of aluminum castings and offers a lightweight alternative to more traditional ferrous inserts. Recent research on cast-in inserts in aluminum alloy castings has been critically reviewed. The role of the parameters including discontinuities in physical and mechanical properties across the insert casting interface, bond and load transfer at the insert-casting interface, differences in coefficient of thermal expansion, and the surface finish and alloying at inserts have been discussed. Additionally, a case study for cast-in insert of a fiber reinforced aluminum composite in the matrix of A206 is described. Heat and fluid flow conditions were simulated so that optimum casting parameters could be predicted. Limited experiments on the nature of the interface and cooling curve measurements are presented along with the anticipated improvements in the properties of A206 alloys because of MMC inserts.

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