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Unlocking Efficiency with Additive Manufacturing (Sponsored Webinar from 3D Systems)

By Marshall Miller

April 3, 2024

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In today’s foundry industry, challenges abound in the manufacture and procurement of molding and core equipment, characterized by long lead times for materials, rising supply costs, and a scarcity of skilled labor. However, a proven solution exists to surmount these obstacles – pellet extrusion additive manufacturing, specifically 3D Systems’ EXT Titan Pellet series 3D Printers. This cutting-edge technology facilitates the rapid production of patterns and core boxes, presenting a paradigm shift in both time and cost efficiency compared to traditional methods.

This webinar will highlight real use cases where forward-thinking foundries have harnessed Pellet Extrusion systems to enhance competitiveness and reduce time to market. Explore comprehensive comparisons between manufacturing pattern equipment using EXT Titan Pellet 3D printers and the conventional pattern-making process. Critical factors such as lead time, bench properties, and cost will be examined, with the goal of delivering patterns of equivalent or superior quality and durability, all while achieving a remarkable 50% reduction in both cost and production time.