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Transformation of the Modern Foundry

By Mike Lakas

June 6, 2022

The foundry industry has been in a state of transformation for over 2600 years. From simple shapes carved into stone, to topologically optimized and additive manufacture facilitated creations, the evolution of metal casting is easily witnessed. Whether this change has principally come about by man, method, material or market can be debated ad infinitum. Many futurists build their foundations on active fault lines, but the foundry industry likely faces a significant downturn. With the gradual shift from internal combustion engine personal vehicles to semi or fully autonomous electric vehicles, competing in these shrinking markets will likely require agile and novel foundry solutions. This talk and paper will examine how foundries have been transformed primarily by shifts in the workforce, market pressures brought by global flattening (competition), environmental, health and safety and even by disaster.  

By Greg Miskinis, Waupaca, WI, recorded for the AFS Virtual Congress April 12, 2021.

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